Advancing Innovation

Vecotech was launched to exploit scientific discoveries to tackle some of the world’s biggest insect-related public health problems. We aim to transform promising research findings into novel technologies to monitor and control insect pests and protect people living in disease-endemic countries.

Driven by Excellence

Driven by Excellence

We are a spin-out from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (the School), a world-leading centre for scientific research and postgraduate education in public and global health, to address the gap between academic discoveries and getting those discoveries into practice.

We share the School’s mission to improve health and health equity in the UK and worldwide.

Innovation with Impact

Innovation with Impact

Our mission is to advance scientific discoveries to improve public health across the globe. We focus on developing products that not only address market needs but also have strong social impact.

By working closely with NGOs, local designers and manufacturers, we aim to produce the best products that align with different cultures across the globe. Our global access initiative will ensure that our products are made available to people from all corners of the world, protecting everyone safely from biting insects.

A share of our profit will be used to support causes that will transform people’s health and well-being for the better.

Pushing Boundaries

Pushing Boundaries

By pushing early-stage concepts through to commercialisation, Vecotech bridges the gap between world-leading expertise and the world’s need for effective tools against medically important insects.

We work with pioneering academic institutions and industry partners to identify new, promising technologies and provide the resources to develop its potential. If you have a novel idea or concept, we’d love to hear from you.

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Defining Products

Defining Products

With a strong technology pipeline, we are creating innovative insect control and monitoring products designed to tackle big health problems for a range of lifestyles and customer needs.

These consist of novel long-lasting repellent technologies and lures, for a range of biting insects.

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A Progressive Approach

Comprising scientists, public health experts, and business specialists, we are armed with the tools to bring scientific discoveries to life for the good of public health, and make them accessible to the people who need them most.

Vecotech Team

Vecotech Team

Professor Mary Cameron

Founder & Director

Mary is Professor of Medical Entomology and has over 30 years' experience developing novel approaches for the surveillance and control of vector-borne diseases.

Professor James Logan

Founder & Director

James is Professor of Medical Entomology and has almost 20 years’ experience of investigating novel ways to control insect pests that transmit pathogens of human and animal diseases

Vecotech Team

Dr Edwina Wright


Edwina is a business executive with extensive experience of developing
commercial opportunities in biotechnology

Professor Elena Lurie-Luke


Elena assumed the position of Vecotech CEO in January 2020. She is a recognised expert in life sciences research and innovation and has held a series of academic and government appointments in the UK and Singapore and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Most recently she was Entrepreneur in Residence in Life Sciences at Durham University and, prior to this, Head of Global Life Sciences Open Innovation, Corporate R&D at P&G.

Dr Victor Brugman

Head of Development & Partnerships

Victor is a medical entomologist with extensive specialist commercial biotechnology research experience developing tools for managing and controlling arthropod pests

Robert Moar

Research Scientist

Rob is a Research Scientist with over 8 years' experience in medical entomology and vector control in commercial settings