A Novel Bed Bug Lure

Bed bugs are a significant re-emerging public health issue and a major global economic problem.

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An effective bed bug lure.

Bed bug infestations are dramatically increasing world-wide as a result of widespread resistance to insecticides amongst other factors. They infest homes, hospitals and dormitories and cause immeasurable damage to the hospitality industry.

Successful treatment of infestations and avoidance of unnecessary, expensive and disruptive treatments is dependent upon early detection, but there are currently no established products with proven reliability and efficacy for detecting low level infestations.

Our  bed bug lure has been developed for use in monitors and traps to detect early stage infestation.

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Effective Against :

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Spec :

  • Proprietary technology composed of natural bedbug pheromones
  • Effective for the detection of low grade early infestations
  • Sensitive, sustainable, safe
  • Compatible with discrete monitoring devices as well as with larger, more complex devices

After years of painstaking research on bed bug behaviour, my colleagues and I discovered the essential components of the chemical signals used by bed bugs to attract one another. We have patented our novel bed bug pheromone composition and are now focusing on creating a highly effective lure to trap bed bugs.

Mary Cameron
Founder and Director

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